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About Us

Since gaining our CTI License in 1993, Cooling Tower Technologies Pty Ltd is proud to have met the CTI’s annual requirements regarding our test capabilities. We are the first and only agency outside the U.S.A. to have been granted by CTI, to conduct both the Part A and Part B licenses covering manual and automatic data acquisition of test data for all sizes and types of water cooling towers.

We are very much active performing 3rd party CTI ATC 105 tests in Asia, Middle East, and also Oceania Region. Some of the much active countries known for performing CTI ATC 105 test are Singapore, India, Dubai, Qatar, Australia, Hong Kong and many others more.

The total number of cooling tower performance tests to our credit passed 410 during 2014. These have ranged from smaller air-conditioning units for HVAC to large power station towers.
Ronald Rayner
CTI Thermal Performance Test Supervisor
Johnny Ong
CTI Thermal Performance Test Engineer
About Cooling Technology Institute(CTI)

Cooling Technology Institute (CTI)'s mission is to advocate and promote the use of environmentally responsible Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems (EHTS), cooling towers, and cooling technology for the benefit of the public.

The Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) provides the cooling tower industry with an independent, third party thermal testing service, and the CTI has four agencies licensed to provide this service. These agencies have been submitted to a rigorous screening process involving quality of instrumentation, technical expertise and testing experience.

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