Purpose of CTI ATC 105 Test

Acceptance Test – To verify that a new or rebuilt tower meets contract performance specifications/requirements.
Status/Benchmark Tests – To determine the thermal capability or actual operating parameters of an older tower.
   Often used as a baseline test conducted before and after of upgrade.
Why a CTI Certified 3rd Licensed Thermal Test Agency

There are important advantages in retaining the services of a CTI licensed test agency, these being-
  • The test will be conducted in compliance with the intent of the code.
  • Calibrated and appropriate instrumentation will be used.
  • The agency has been examined to ensure that they are technically competent and have wide experience in the setting up of instrumentation and the collection of test data.
  • The agency is completely independent, is without conflict of interest, and will act always in an ethical and impartial manner.
  • The agency guarantees confidentiality and will not divulge any technical information or test results regarding the test to any party not involved with the test.
  • In case of a conflict between any parties to the test, the CTI can be contacted to provide conflict resolution mediation.